A Tale of Two Toasters!

I'm so late to the Toaster party that the last taxi left hours ago!! But to be honest, I've always liked all the versions I've seen on social media and when I received some lovely cotton fleece from Minerva I knew I had the perfect reason to make one!! https://www.minerva.com/mp/1243070/minerva-core-range-sheepskin-cotton-fleece-fabric-navy-blue&variant=1255491 The fleece whilst lovely, soft … Continue reading A Tale of Two Toasters!



Do you? I have done Make Nine in the past, but not last year. That's mainly because the previous year I tried to take part but failed miserably, and felt quite disappointed. I think I'm far too much of a butterfly and just got distracted. I think I made about 3 of my 9 in … Continue reading MAKE NINE!?

How many By Hand London Anna dresses is too many? #askingforafriend!!

I'm only joking of course, this is my third Anna and I think I've pretty much nailed the fit, which is why I really wanted to write it down and share my tips for anyone who needs to tweak the fit. Disclaimer, I've definitely changed body shape since the menopause, I know the belly fat … Continue reading How many By Hand London Anna dresses is too many? #askingforafriend!!


Resourcefulness. That's the prompt word for the Twig and Tale storytellers in the month of August! I've really loved being part of the Twig and Tale storytellers team for 2022, its given me plenty of food for thought, this one especially. It's made me focus on my own resources, and that's not just the physical … Continue reading Resourceful!

Rachel Bermuda Shorts (By Fibremood)

Well I finally did it, I've been a Fibremood insider for quite a while, but somehow I've always been super busy every time a new Magazine was coming!! But not this time, I was determined to get on the train before it left the station, Ha-ha!! To be honest I only just made the deadline … Continue reading Rachel Bermuda Shorts (By Fibremood)

My Fabulous Mini Wings!!

I'm so lucky to have been selected as a Twig and Tale Storyteller and I've always loved their patterns. Every month there is a "Theme" and for January I requested the Mini Wings patterns in order to discuss the theme of Intentions. I had lots of thoughts around this theme, I intended to slow down … Continue reading My Fabulous Mini Wings!!

My Fabulous Mother of the Groom outfit!

So its finally time to share, what I think might be my proudest make. This outfit has actually been about 18 months in the making, as I originally got the blue satin from Minerva in the summer of 2020, when my son and his lovely fiancé had set the date of their wedding and we … Continue reading My Fabulous Mother of the Groom outfit!

Kew the Autumn!

So, the Summer is done and Autumn has arrived with a vengeance! After almost two years of being at home (last time we were away was December 2019) and that lasted 4 days. Before I got a call to say we had been burgled and had to get the next flight home, to deal with … Continue reading Kew the Autumn!

Sewing for a changing body- Menopause edition! (Voice of Experience)

I’ve been intending to write this for such a long time, but the procrastination angels have been out in full force recently!! But as its also Menopause Awareness Week, maybe it was destined to be now? You know what they say "Things happen for a reason!" As a disclaimer, I had always intended to write … Continue reading Sewing for a changing body- Menopause edition! (Voice of Experience)


I'm so excited, as I recently achieved a significant milestone....2000 followers! How did that happen? This is something that I'm very proud of, for someone who is definitely a digital immigrant! What with that, and the incredible support I've felt over the last 15 months or so, I want to give something back to my … Continue reading #SewYourThanks

The Kelly I finally made!!

So, I know the world has already made the Kelly Anorak, but unfortunately it has languished on on my to-do lost for about 5 years!! I bought the pattern and lining pack absolutely years ago (were now on the third iteration of the lining pattern) I even bought some drill from the Rag market in … Continue reading The Kelly I finally made!!


Wow its been an age since I last wrote on my blog, I'm so sorry for neglecting it and you. I hope you've been okay while I was away!? I just thought I'd write a few words about my first ever Fibremood make, the Norma blouse. https://www.fibremood.com/en/patterns/608-norma-blouse I'm a sucker for quirky details and statement … Continue reading Norma(‘s)

Photo Tips!

Well, this is certainly something a little different from me! I get some really complimentary comments about my Blog and Instagram photos so I thought I'd write a little blog post on what I know, and what I've experienced. Although I have never done anything like this before, I thought "why not!?" If I can … Continue reading Photo Tips!

LuLu Round Two!

Well, August is half over already and I hope you’ve had chance to take a break? Here in the UK things are still rather strange and there are lots of folks having Staycations! Me, I’ve had a Sewcation!! I hope you’re enjoying making the Pattern Scout, Lulu Cardi this month, if you chose to take … Continue reading LuLu Round Two!

August, that’s #SMS20 LuLu Cardi, Month for me!!

Hey there, you lovely sew my style’rs… how did August come round so soon? It seems only yesterday that I was leading Sew My Style in February, making the Summit Pack. It's been a very strange year and I really hope wherever you are in the world, you are managing to stay safe and sane? … Continue reading August, that’s #SMS20 LuLu Cardi, Month for me!!

Lovely Laptop, seeks handmade case. Not a crumby delivery box!

Hey there, hope you’re doing okay and thanks for stopping by! I’ve certainly not written much on my blog recently, but today I’m going to tell you about a practical piece of sewing I’ve just finished. For Christmas my lovely husband bought me a shiny new laptop, mainly for me to write my blog on. … Continue reading Lovely Laptop, seeks handmade case. Not a crumby delivery box!

I’m so excited to share this amazing event! The Vlieseline Quilt-along!

Unfortunately due to "You know what!" The 2020 Festival of Quilts will switch to an online format to accommodate as many of the annual quilting events and competitions as possible and in order to celebrate this event, Vlieseline has created a Quilt-along project to engage quilters and crafters in lockdown during the weeks leading up … Continue reading I’m so excited to share this amazing event! The Vlieseline Quilt-along!

Perfect Buttons!

Hey there lovely reader, I’m so pleased you popped over to see me! I’ve just finished my first ever “Blogger make” for Lamazi fabrics from this delicious Atelier Brunette Viscose. But, as I didn’t have any matching buttons, and due to the current lock down in the UK, and no means to go out colour … Continue reading Perfect Buttons!


Just wow! I recently pattern tested the very first pattern released by Taree Marsh.     Taree is the loveliest human, and she's the brains behind Marsha Style I titled this blog post Wow because, if this is her first pattern, then I can't wait to see what she creates for us next! The Sia dress … Continue reading Wow!


So, how have you enjoyed February's Sew my style challenge? Sew My Style – February!! Did you join in on my first ever sew along? If not I can assure you this bag is awesome, and I'm sure although it looks like a bit of an involved bag, I'm sure its within your grasp (if … Continue reading SUMMIT IN SUMMARY!

Summit Pack Tutorial/ Sew along (Pt 1)

Hey you guys welcome to my little tutorial/sew along for the Cloud splitter bags Summit Pack. I'm not aiming for this to replace the instructions in the pattern. Just to help guide you,  as in some places I found them a little unclear or confusing. The first thing I want to say is this is … Continue reading Summit Pack Tutorial/ Sew along (Pt 1)

Sew My Style – February!!

Hello February! So, we’re just getting warmed up, we’re into the second month of Sew My Style 2020, this month we’ve got two more fab patterns. The Cloud Splitter, Summit Pack and the Ilford jacket by The Friday Pattern Company. I’m leading this month and I’m making the Cloudsplitter Summit pack with you. Cloudsplitter bags, … Continue reading Sew My Style – February!!

Slinky Sade!

I’ve owned the Named clothing, book “Breaking the pattern” for a while and really like the Sade blouse pattern. The folded draped sleeves and bodice back are unlike any other pattern and I absolutely love those little details which set a garment apart! This is certainly not the first pattern I've made from this great … Continue reading Slinky Sade!

My Love Sewing “Lovely Day”

Hey you wonderful people, Happy Christmas! I just wanted to pop on here and write a little post on my day at the Love Sewing HQ! This is the cover art for Issue 76, where you'll find my reader make. A few months ago there was a shout out over on the sew over 50 … Continue reading My Love Sewing “Lovely Day”

Great Bag, Rubbish Pattern!

I’ve had the Sicily Bag on my Make Nine since January and although I loved it, it didn’t look likely to be made, until I saw this lovely PVC coated cotton from Minerva Crafts. https://www.minervacrafts.com/shop/fabric/home-fabrics/ph-pl07-a-m-art-deco-vinyl-pvc-coated-cotton-fabric?colour=Blue I have always loved Art Deco, in fact I bought a length of cotton sateen in this very print back … Continue reading Great Bag, Rubbish Pattern!

How lovely is the Esther?

So today I’ve got a fab new pattern to share with you all! It’s the Esther Peasant Blouse from Wardrobe by me, and I was lucky enough to test this recently. The Esther is a woven long-sleeved blouse with a cute button closure on the back neckline. It comes with some great options, two front … Continue reading How lovely is the Esther?

rPET Thread by Gutermann

So, I wanted to speak to you all today about these great recycled threads by Gutermann. Many of you will know that I work (in my day job) as a scientist in the field of polymer additives. Now I know the bad press which plastics get, and I’m not going to try to defend them … Continue reading rPET Thread by Gutermann

A Cosy Coco

I don’t know about you but as the summer slips into autumn my mind is turning to cosy makes and I thought this jersey would be absolutely gorgeous made into a Tilly and the Buttons Coco top. The Jersey was provided to me free of charge in return for my review and its available from … Continue reading A Cosy Coco

The Prettiest overlocker thread ever!

So, its time for a tool Tuesday post! Yeah, I know I’ve not posted one of these for a couple of weeks but having just made a Tilly and the Buttons Coco top in the loveliest French Terry backed jersey, I really wanted to try out this variegated thread from Gutermann, and then tell you … Continue reading The Prettiest overlocker thread ever!

My beautiful William Morris inspired Fringe blouse!

Happy Sunday guys, today I’m sharing my first make today for The Fabric Guys online. I don’t know whether you are familiar with their website but if not, I suggest you pop on over. Their website is chock full of really great value for money fabrics! https://www.fabricguys.com/ (once you’ve finished reading my blog post. Of … Continue reading My beautiful William Morris inspired Fringe blouse!

My Sewing Week

So, I thought just for a change I’d write a short post on what I’ve been working on this week. I have been super busy up in my sewing room and I’m really excited to share my progress with you! Firstly, I have been spending some time on my latest Minerva product test, it won’t … Continue reading My Sewing Week

My love affair with The Savanna Shirt!

Hi There, welcome back to my little Blog. I hope you’ve had a good week? I can't believe its September already, that's almost AUTUMN! Which means my button down shirts will be soon in regular rotation! So, I wanted to write a little post today about the Wardrobe By Me Savanna shirt, I have made … Continue reading My love affair with The Savanna Shirt!

Indian Summer and my Constance Tank

Hey there, it’s August bank holiday weekend here in England. The weather here is forecast to be scorching after a mediocre August, here comes the Indian summer! I’m not sure why we call it an Indian summer, I will have to find out! Strange how we adopt these sayings without questioning it, anyway I digress! … Continue reading Indian Summer and my Constance Tank

My Fab Jean Jacket!

Hey, you guys, thanks for popping over to read my blog. I’m writing today about my thoughts on this Hampton Jean Jacket! >https://alinadesignco.com/product/hampton-jean-jacket/ As I said over on the Minerva blog > https://www.minervacrafts.com/blog/projects/the-hampton-jean-jacket-by-alina-sews I really do love this jacket, and the needle cord was the perfect fabric for it! > https://www.minervacrafts.com/shop/fabric/dress-fabrics/q22171-008-m-velvet-cord-fabric?colour=Navy%2BBlue It is a polyester … Continue reading My Fab Jean Jacket!

Pony Complete A Tool Tuesday post!

So this is a new feature for me! "Tool Tuesday" That means I’m planning on putting together a little blog post on a Tuesday sharing all my favourite “tools of the trade” so to speak! This week I’m going to show you this knitting and crochet set from Pony. It is called the “Pony Complete” … Continue reading Pony Complete A Tool Tuesday post!

Kew Expansion test!

So, I was recently asked to test the new release from Nina Lee. Its called The Kew dress expansion pack! So exciting! Nina’s much-loved Kew dress was going to have some fabulous new features and I applied to be one of the chosen testers. I’m sure you are all aware of the classic standard views … Continue reading Kew Expansion test!

So many tapes so little time!

So, I wanted to write a little post on these two tapes I received from Vlieseline. I really liked the fact that these are ready cut. I have cut narrow strips of interfacing before, and although when cut carefully they work really well. I must admit having them ready cut is just so much easier! … Continue reading So many tapes so little time!

Sustainable sewing without even knowing!

I really wanted to reach out and share something with you! Some of you out there in blog-land may know this already but I didn’t, and as I work in the polymer industry this is great knowledge to have and to share! So here we go! What I did know before is the fact that … Continue reading Sustainable sewing without even knowing!

My First but certainly not my last Kalle shirtdress

Hi there, I’ve got a little blog post to share with you all about this gorgeous yarn dyed cotton! I saw this lovely Yarn dyed cotton on the Sew Crafty website and fell in love! https://www.sewcraftyonline.co.uk/product/sevenberry-yarn-dyed-cotton-2-mid-denim/ It’s the perfect classic denim shirt colour, and when it arrived I was so not disappointed. The fabric has … Continue reading My First but certainly not my last Kalle shirtdress

Demystifying Hong Kong Seams

Hi everyone! I recently made my first La Paz Jacket (from itch to stitch) and whilst its an unlined jacket that did give me the opportunity to try Hong Kong seams which I've always admired! https://itch-to-stitch.com/product/la-paz-jacket-digital-sewing-pattern-pdf/ So here's the how to add the bias binding! Firstly one important thing to remember is that bias binding … Continue reading Demystifying Hong Kong Seams

Re-fashioners jackpot A Trio of GYO’s

All these summer tops were made from 1 metre of bought fabric! (actually its the one at the back which looks like Seasalt but isn't!) My first one was once this lovely cotton lawn which was re-fashioned from a very sweet strappy summer dress I had bought this dress several years ago, as I absolutely … Continue reading Re-fashioners jackpot A Trio of GYO’s

Changes are afoot, my cool kimono!

Hi there all you lovelies in Blog land, its been a while since I've written a post but today I'm going to put that right! I want to talk to you about this fab kimono I made in a lovely cool cotton, from Minerva crafts. This was actually a blog post for their product review … Continue reading Changes are afoot, my cool kimono!

My Baby Leaf Quilt!

The creation of this little leaf quilt, came about when Lisa of Twig and Tale put out a tester call on fb. I've tested for Lisa before and love her designs. But as I've never done any quilting and would love to try I thought this was a good introduction. Not too big or too … Continue reading My Baby Leaf Quilt!

Matching plaids!

So, if you follow me on IG you will have seen this lovely gilet. I decided to write this little blog post on how I managed to match those checks up! The gilet was a Twig and Tale Trailblazer. https://www.twigandtale.com/products/womens-trailblazer-vest I actually received this lovely wool mix from Minerva Crafts in exchange for my fair … Continue reading Matching plaids!

Chalk and Notch Orchid Midi in Floral Georgette.

I actually receieved the Orchid pattern as a thank you for testing the Parasol Jumpsuit from Ensemble patterns, the two garments are designed to mash together to give two body and two bottom options! This was my tester version of the Parasol Jumpsuit So the Orchid top can have the jumpsuit legs and vice versa. … Continue reading Chalk and Notch Orchid Midi in Floral Georgette.

Our little giveaway!

A joint venture with https://sewstainability.wordpress.com/about/ In celebration of my little blog I wanted to share the happiness with you all! This little give away was born after posting a little picture on IG of my Grandmas button tin. I was searching for a couple of buttons for my newest make and started to think about … Continue reading Our little giveaway!

The Grace Dress. Testing a lovely new dress, for Wardrobe by me!

So following a shout out on face book I applied to test the new dress for Christina. She was originally "The Nameless dress" and I almost got my choice of Jasmine, for her name. We were asked to suggest a name. I chose Jasmine, because I wanted to call her The Chai, but apparently Itch … Continue reading The Grace Dress. Testing a lovely new dress, for Wardrobe by me!