So, how have you enjoyed February’s Sew my style challenge?

Sew My Style – February!!

Did you join in on my first ever sew along? If not I can assure you this bag is awesome, and I’m sure although it looks like a bit of an involved bag, I’m sure its within your grasp (if not right now then hopefully one day) Sew along part 1 

Summit Pack Tutorial/ Sew along (Pt 2)

finished summit

It was only today that it was mentioned to me that there are no images of this pack actually in use! This is unbelievable, but so true, and I really have been using this almost every day since I finished it. It’s very comfortable to wear. Although it’s not enormous, but thats a good thing, as I’m not tempted to over fill it and therefore it’s not too heavy.


It sits neatly over one shoulder (my right one) and can easily be swivelled round to access the front zip pockets, the front pocket I use for my door keys and mobile phone.


So I can just twist it round to my front without taking it off to get my keys or phone out, its so user friendly!

There are D-Rings on each side of the bottom of the bag, so in principle you could wear it over either shoulder, but as the pockets zip up one side if you wore it over the other shoulder the zip pockets would be on the bottom and that would make it very easy to lose the contents onto the floor!

Although if you were left handed you could just use the pattern pieces the wrong way up, but I would suggest you write on the pattern pieces before you start in case you get confused half way through!


So, what’s next for me and my Summit journey?

Well I definitely intend to make more of these. The next one I’m planning to make is in canvas scraps, which I’ve got in my stash.

I think I may scale the pattern down on a photocopier first though so I can make best use of the print on the fabric.

Also I’m considering remaking maybe in leather or a home furnishing fabric as I’m a sucker for a cute curtain fabric design! I know the pattern recommends quilting cotton or canvas, but now I’ve got the first one down I’m sure I can manage it!


What about you? If you’re tempted to join in there’s about a week left to enter the sew my style challenge this month. So, why not stretch yourself and you give it a go? This is only the second bag I’ve “ever made” so it can’t be that difficult can it? Just take your time, once you’ve got the pattern pieces cut out its half way there!

So what’s next for me in the Sew my style challenge, well that’s the  Lulu Cardigan   by Pattern scout it’s really cute and has an optional peplum which I really like! I’m leading this make in August, so till then I’m just going to join in with the other makes, its such great fun!

If you want to know more about  Sew My Style 2020  pop on over for full details!



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