I’m so excited, as I recently achieved a significant milestone….2000 followers! How did that happen?

This is something that I’m very proud of, for someone who is definitely a digital immigrant!

What with that, and the incredible support I’ve felt over the last 15 months or so, I want to give something back to my followers plus the whole sewing and social media community.

As someone who was very nervous/afraid last year. Specifically because of my medical history. In 2014 I had bilateral pulmonary embolism (Blood clots in both my lungs) which may or may not have been caused by taking the contraceptive pill. Which almost took my life and left me medically vulnerable.

Before being diagnosed I had I suffered shortness of breath and extreme fatigue for about 6 months, with my symptoms becoming more and more debilitating, until I couldn’t walk from the front to the back of my own home without sitting down for a rest.

I had been quite fit previously and my normal routine included visiting the gym about 4 times a week, doing Spin and Zumba classes as well as running 10K! So for me, the thought of catching Covid was truly terrifying, having had a life threatening illness which could have seen me dead at the age of 49, or permanently disabled or/and on oxygen for the remainder of my life, meant I knew how scary a serious lung condition could be.

I cannot express the gratitude I have for the social media community. You all really helped me and my mental health, by keeping me supported and feeling part of the world, although detached.

So… my little challenge is just a small celebration and super easy I hope you’ll all join in??

This is my challenge. 

Basically, its all about body positivity, saying thanks for the body we have and showing it off in all its unique beauty.

There are many people who chose to hide/disguise parts of their bodies which they are not happy about showing (especially but not exclusively) older women.

But our bodies are constantly transforming, from the moment we are conceived until we shuffle off this mortal coil!

We grow, transform through childhood, into puberty, young adults. 

Possibly pregnancy and motherhood, onto menopause and older age!

(I’m not excluding males in this, they also transform beautifully, but not so dramatically, and are welcome to join in)

Each and every change is natural and wonderful, and we should celebrate that change, not hide away!!

As someone who quit colouring my hair about 5 years ago, I celebrate every silver curl and wrinkle in my skin.

I’ve earned every one of them.

So, my challenge is!!

Wear something on IG (which you have made) showing an area which is a challenge for you, could be arms, legs, midriff. It does not need to be new or made specifically for this challenge. (for me its specifically upper arms, so a sleeveless top or dress I usually steer away from) please mention why this garment is a challenge?

Or even if you aren’t happy showing those “uncomfortable areas” just post a flat lay picture instead (But I do hope you’ll be brave and lets banish those self conscious thoughts) Share with the #tag #SewYourThanks follow me and tag a friend who would also like to join in! For an extra entry share to stories!! (you can enter as many times as you like through the whole month of August and lets share how amazing we really are!!

Let’s say thanks for being there, and thanks for our wonderful ever-changing bodies which we shouldn’t be hiding any more, its ageist, sizest and discriminatory!


I have been so blessed by everyone’s generosity

In no specific order we have to win….

Lamazi Fabrics Limited
A Voucher for £20 to spend on anything at Lamazi Fabrics! https://lamazifabrics.com/

Two fabulous metres of any fabric from Felicity Fabrics! https://felicityfabrics.co.uk/
An amazing 4 x Annual, Digital Subscriptions from The Pattern Pages!! https://www.thepatternpages.com/

The Foldline

A £20 Voucher from The Foldline!! https://thefoldline.com/
This gorgeous Hemline Gold, Multipurpose Craft bag! Donated by Groves and Hemline!! Hemlinehttps://hemline.com/en/product-category/hemline-gold/
A Fabulous Haberdashery bundle worth £50 from Minerva.com!!! https://www.minerva.com/
PDF’s for both The Poppy Pinafore and Audrey Collar from The Dressmakers Closet (So Pretty!!) https://thedressmakerscloset.co.uk/shop/
A £25 Voucher to spend online at 1st For Fabrics!! https://www.1stforfabrics.co.uk/

I’m so excited to see all your glorious makes, don’t forget to tag!!!

In summary!!

Share a pic of you wearing something you’ve made, which shows an area of your body which challenges you and tell us why its a challenge!

Tag #SewYourThanks

Follow me

Tag a friend

Share to stories!

Good luck to you all!!!


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