Kew the Autumn!

So, the Summer is done and Autumn has arrived with a vengeance!

After almost two years of being at home (last time we were away was December 2019) and that lasted 4 days. Before I got a call to say we had been burgled and had to get the next flight home, to deal with the chaos!

Then of course Covid hit and the world went mad!

I’m sure if you’ve followed me a while you’ll know that I’ve been super cautious about mixing with people due to pre-existing health conditions, which have left me medically vulnerable.

So, finally we made it away for a few days and my lovely Nina Lee Kew dress came along!

I made this in stretch denim a few months ago and wore it through the summer with a little T shirt or alone as a sun dress. But when I was packing for the trip, I decided to give it a try with a cosy hand knit, and I was so thrilled I just had to share it here with you!!

The denim was from Felicity fabrics and I shared it on their blog here > unfortunately the denim is out of stock now! 😦 However, I do think this would be just fabulous in a baby or chunky cord, or even a thick velvet!! Oooh now there’s a thought!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love it as a summer dress, but I was loathed to pack it away for the winter and I’m thrilled to bits to be able to get some more mileage from it!

This version of the Kew is from the Extension pack, which is such a great addition to the normal (Tea Dress version) which I equally love. I’ve also made that style and even also hacked it into a top. The pattern just keeps giving!

The Kew extension does come with two new skirt options a swishy gathered skirt or a sleek straight skirt which can be used with either of the bodices from the original pattern (which you also have to have) plus the addition of two stand alone skirts! I’m sure you’ll agree with a total of 12 different variations this pattern is a total bargain! (The pattern is also size inclusive with a hip measurement up to 48 inches)

I’m also really thrilled with my lovely sweater, which took me much longer to make than the dress!
It’s the Sorrel Sweater by wool and pine

I found this so cosy and warm with tights and comfy boots and I must admit looks fabulous with the leaves on the ground.

So were back home now, feeling refreshed and ready to face the winter, with a hopeful enthusiasm for the return of normal life!!

The pics were taken in Matlock which is in the lovely county of Derbyshire.

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